Alex Wiid Portfolio



I am a South African designer, artist and photographer with a passion for nature, design and thinking out the box. I have successfully completed two UCT Degrees, a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and an undergraduate degree in Commerce. I have also taken some short courses, including a Diploma in Garden Design from the National Design Academy, UK and an AutoCad course with the London Software training academy.

 I am excited and fascinated by design and the role this plays in our society and I have a great interest in the development of South Africa and how design can improve the lives of people in both a rural and urban sphere. I am also very passionate about nature and the idea of designing mutually beneficial spaces for humans and the environment. I am an artist and a photographer as well as an enthusiastic gardener and cook.

For the 12 years Between my two degrees, I've traveled a lot and worked in a number industries.  Through my experience, studies and travels, I have developed a keen interest in the nature of mankind and the dynamics of people, cultures and environments. I have identified my strengths and skills, which I am excited to explore in the field of Landscape architecture.