So i thought i was about time I wrote about New York. So much to say, really but hard to describe. The city is pretty amazing. Large, partly glamorous, partly industrial and completely unique. The kind of place you can get lost in or swallowed up in because it offers practically everything. I got a feeling of "high concentration": of people, parties, cultures, buildings, careers, skills and dreams. As cliched as it sounds, everyone in New York has a dream and they are there to follow it, so don't get in their way.

I think you take from New York, what you put into it. You can scratch the surface and grace the guidebook locations and attractions with you tourist presence, or you can walk the less attractive streets, stay in Brooklyn with great new friends, stroll the derelict DUMBO area under the Brooklyn bridge, stumble into unnamed locations, listen to blues and walk until you get lost, rejecting all the taxis that pass you until you think you will lose your feet.
I was lucky to have and make some really great friends and acquaintances, so my time there was very special. What a city!

The Gallery I went to see is still an option for representation, if and when I am interested but after my visit to NYC I am grappling with a new perspective, so I have put that plan on hold. There are hundreds of thousands of artists in New York city trying to make it. On top of that, just about everything, if not everything in art has already been done. The artwork needs to reflect the artist and then you need to meet the right people. To meet the right people in NY you need to live there. Since I want to live here in my beautiful country Mzansi, I will be entering the SA market first and taking it from there.

My new artworks are a combination of natural beauty, skepticism and power. Some are a celebration of our spectacular, sometimes unexpected landscapes in SA and some will be about the other subjects that greatly interest me like, climate change, the effect of the environment on the poorest, evolution and man's hand in nature, evolution and shaping the world.