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Music = Art.... the Wailers

Posted by Alex Wiid on Tuesday, November 3, 2009, In : Cape Town 
So! I went to the Wailers concert. Wow, it really was incredible. Apparently their lead singer had visa issues and couldn't make the gig so they auditioned a number of Cape Town reggae artists hours before the show. The man they chose, not only looked the part but if you closed your eyes, he sounded just like Bob Marley. What an awesome concert, is all I can say.

Hopefully some new artwork will happened this weekend since we are expecting rain!

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Rock and canvas

Posted by Alex Wiid on Monday, October 26, 2009, In : Cape Town 
So I went to Zula bar on Saturday to watch the Hogs and the Rudimentals. 2 very awesome bands. So glad SA has a new spot for rock bands. Hopefully this summer will see a lot more open air gigs. Synergy this year is a must. On another note (:-)), I am looking forward to the Wailers on the 2nd November. Should be good.

I have also decided to try for canvas. Looks like a bargain

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